The pride of the first mother - justified and unjustified


I think every mother has the right to be proud of her child. And of herself, and this goes in my eyes also for the mother who gave away her child. After all, she is and remains the mother, she carried it to term and gave birth and cared for it in the beginning.

Still, I have a little problem if she, oh, you know what, I'll just let Larry Ellison have his say, the founder of Oracle, successful and very rich - and adopted, at 9 months.

What does he say about his first mother?

"I thought it was undignified for her to brag about 'her son's' money. I wasn't really her son - she had given up that long time ago."

(Matthew Symonds with Commentary by Larry Ellison: SOFTWAR. An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle, New York, NY, 2003, 340.)

I can understand Larry Ellison. But at the same time also the mother and her pride.

By the way: Ten years ago I gave writing seminars for Oracle Germany. Do you think I would have noticed at the time that the Oracle founder was adopted? Like me? I didn’t. I was still in denial. I believed I wasn't adopted.



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