Things you might be wondering about

Where does the term „Inschluss“ come from, and what does it mean?

The term „Inschluss“ (engl. “inclusion”) is a word creation of mine.
It’s meaning? The opposite of “exclusion”. Therefore, I would translate it with „belonging.“

Yes, I want to belong! That’s what everyone wants, right? And adoptees and foster children in particular.

Whoever was adopted or raised in foster care was excluded from his/her first family.

What is the goal of Inschluss?

Inschluss wants adoptees and foster children to …

… become aware of their thoughts and feelings.

… know that they are not alone with their thoughts and feelings.

… be given a voice to and seek others to understand their thoughts and feelings.


Inschluss wants to help all others to ...

... better understand adopted and foster children.

Is Inschluss against adoption or foster care?

No, not in general. Adoption or foster care is never the optimal solution, but unfortunately often the best of several bad solutions.

Inschluss, however, wants to show, …

… what adoption or foster care means for the child

… which challenges it brings with it, both for the child and their families.

Inschluss wants to say how things are.

Does Inschluss help to adopt or care for children?


Does Inschluss help children to find their first family?


Does Inschluss even help with anything?

I sure hope so!

Inschluss presents in books, and on this blog, life stories and quotes from adoptees and foster children from all over the world, as well as insights from psychology and psychotherapy.

Inschluss offers seminars and coaching on the topic, with the pleasant side effect to get to know other affected people and to exchange ideas.

Inschluss does not offer legal advice.

What is the orientation of Inschluss? What are the principles of Inschluss?


  • open: We don't put lipstick on the pig.
  • respectful: We honor all the people involved.
  • christian: God helps us on our way.


  • personal: We present people and their stories.
  • entertaining: We quote from literature, music and movies.
  • founded: We use findings from psychology.
  • international: We are looking for fates all over the world


  • light: We use humor and images to take away the heaviness.
  • systematic: We bring order to the chaos of emotions.
  • multimedial: We convey closeness with images, sound and video.