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Whether you were adopted or not, we have one thing in common. We were both children.
"Delete adjectives!" - That's one of the most important master tricks I teach in my writing seminars. I always say:
Adoption means farewell. Sooner or later. I had to say goodbye, when I was 5 years old.
Today the second and last (and shorter!) part of my phenomenally long (!) series "The child’s view according to Anna Freud / Dorothy Burlingham."
Too lurid, this headline? Well, Anna Freud and Dorothy Burlingham would agree with it.
I have thought carefully about which quotation from the literature I start with here, and I think I have found a suitable one, here it is:

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There are a lot of taboos on our subject and a lot of soft talk. But what do a first mother and an adoptive mother really think of each other?
How can that be? "Marilyn Monroe" and "feelings of inferiority" - how does that fit together? Not really, right?
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Apples on a tree that wasn't mine! Am I allowed to pick them? Without paying anything? Without giving anything in return? Without having done anything for it beforehand?